A special police escort

24 Feb, 2017 :: Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago

Logos Hope’s crewmembers experienced a high-speed police car ride across Tobago, with sirens and flashing lights, to make sure they arrived on time to relaunch a youth centre on the island.

Officers from Scarborough’s police department took the team to the eastern town of L’Anse Fourmi, which is home to around 200 people.

The police explained to the ship’s volunteers that youth centres have been started across the island of Tobago in an effort to get young people involved in positive activities during their free time. According to Lyn, an accountant for the clubs, idleness among Tobago’s youth can lead to bad habits and illegal behaviour, so the centre’s activities help to keep children out of trouble.

As part of the relaunch in L’Anse Fourmi, crewmembers donated around 200 books on a variety of topics so that the community could begin their own library. The team brought a chart and tags so that the books could be labelled by subject and organised for loan to the youth in the club.

Lindsey Bergsma and Christine Kindberg, members of a group visiting Logos Hope from Tyndale Publishers in the US, accompanied the volunteers to participate in the relaunch and see the books their company had originally donated to the ship now being given to the new library.

“I grew up in a small town,” Lindsey told the kids. “Sometimes you feel like you can’t get out and see the world. But through books, you can!”

Irawin Warinsirikul (Thailand) used his story of how he became a crewmember on Logos Hope to encourage the children to not give up on their dreams. “Before I could join the ship, I needed to prove I knew English; I needed to take a test, but I didn’t know any English!” Irawin explained that he needed a score of 65% to pass the test. “I guessed every single answer,” said Irawin, “But somehow I got 66%. If God places a dream in your heart, follow it, and He will make it happen!”

Crewmembers were encouraged to hear that a local policeman has agreed to take responsibility for the centre’s future, and that someone from Scarborough’s main police department will be following up regularly, to see how the club is doing.

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